"We Are From Calgary And We Sell High Quality Meat to the Public!"

Welcome to Direct Meats

We guarantee the quality and grade of our meats; We guarantee the quality grades shown on our website to be exactly what you receive from us, the highest quality. We will not for any reason substitute a lower quality grade than shown. Our "wet aging process" is a minimum of 28 days on our steaks, where shown, we will not substitute any less. Products shown as Canada Prime, AAA, AA, USDA Prime, and Choice, will be exactly what you receive from us.

We guarantee that your product will arrive in wholesome condition; All the meat you buy from Consumer Direct Meats Ltd. is government inspected and regulated. When you pickup, or we deliver, product will be in the wholesome condition described, being either fresh or frozen, as described.

We guarantee that you will get your order; We weigh our meat on electronic digital scales that are carefully monitored for accuracy so you always receive the weight you ordered or more. In addition, we work hard to insure that your order is selected and shipped correctly. If an item is out of stock, we will notify you and give you an opportunity to substitute.

We are pleased to participate in quality fundraisers.

We provide only the highest grade, aged product, and a limited number of items. Our products are exceptional, and very competitively priced.

Our goal is to help the fundraising organization raise as much money as possible, while maintaining an extremely high quality product. A product, that will have customers asking when the next fundraiser is being held, and when they can get more product.

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We look forward to helping make your fundraiser a great success!

Please contact us for packages and pricing information – (403) 262 4017